Log Pulse to NMEA Converter

SLNC-20 Log Pulse to NMEA Converter

SLNC-20 Log pulse to NMEA interface converts contact closure data received from Speed Log device to NMEA format.

In old speedlog devices, speed data is sent to other devices according to a contact closure signal. A converter is required as newer devices do not have this interface.

Technical Specifications
Supply Voltage9-32VDC
ProtocolNMEA0183, IEC61162
Input200, 400, 800 pulse / nm
Output1 X RS422, RS485
Output Speed4800, 38400, 115200 bps
Output NMEA Sentence$VDVBW,x.x,,A,x.x,x.x,A*hh
Case-DimensionsABS DIN Rail Mount Box 105 x 86 x 58