NMEA Speed Pulse Converter

NSLC-21 NMEA to Speed Log Pulse Converter

The NMEA to Speed Pulse Converter interface converts, incoming speed data as NMEA to log pulse speed format.

On some older marine bridge navigation devices, speed data was accepted based on a contact closure signal. NSLC-21 converts the NMEA speed data format(VBW, VHW, RMC, VTG ) to the Log Pulse contact closure signal. It can be used especially for old autopilots, gyrocompass, ODME systems.

The NSLC-21 can be powered within the range of 9~32 VDC. The nominal voltage of 24 VDC is advised for powering the device in normal operation. Power input port has a protection for incorrect polarity connection of the supplying voltage.

NSLC-21 NMEA to Speed Log Pulse Converter
NSLC-21 NMEA Log Pulse Converter
Technical Specifications
Supply Voltage9-32VDC
Power Supply ProtectionReversed polarity protection
Internal resetable fuse
ProtocolNMEA0183, IEC61162
Input1 X Galvanic isolated
Configurable with DIP Swithces 4800, 9600, 38400, 115200 bps
Output1 x Log Pulse Dry Contact
OutputConfigurable with DIP Swithces 200, 400, 800 pulse / nm
Case – DimensionsABS DIN Rail Mount Box
Width: 105 mm
Depth: 86 mm
Height: 58 mm